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What is CLIL?

CLIL stands for Content and Language Integrated Learning and is defined as the study of a subject (eg. cooking) while learning a language, combining the two subjects.

Our courses are designed around the CLIL method of teaching, integrating language with learning how to prepare a recipe. Students are engaged in learning the target language while working through the steps to make the recipe themselves.

This is the most innovative and successful way to enhance the learning of languages which helps children develop a positive attitude towards themselves as language learners.

CLIL learning materials for language teachers

We understand that CLIL teachers often struggle to find existing materials and much planning time is required for the preparation of teacher-generated lessons.

We have provided CLIL language and cooking classes to more than 20,000 students in NSW schools since 2008. During this time, we expanded our incursion-based program to align with the teaching outcomes set by the NSW Department of Education.

Responding to the needs of teachers during the recent Covid-19 lockdowns, our online program was created. Adapting the unique elements of our incursion-based teaching methods, we have designed a range of interactive online learning programs that support teachers in adopting a CLIL approach – empowering students with cooking skills as they learn a language.

TAS learning materials for teachers

Our online language and cooking courses also fall under the banner of Technological and Applied Studies (TAS). TAS provides unique opportunities across a range of subjects to develop innovation, creativity, and communication through active participation. Students from all backgrounds and abilities are encouraged to advance their knowledge of both current and emerging technologies, in a fun and safe environment.

Our online courses assist students to gain the knowledge and confidence to achieve results to the best of their abilities.

Who are our online courses designed for?

Cooking Lingo language and cooking courses are based on the NSW Department of Education’s syllabus outcomes for languages. We have focused primarily on the outcomes for primary and high school students.

Our curriculum-based courses can be used in school classrooms and for home-based learning such as home schooling and distance education within Australia, New Zealand, USA, England, and Singapore.

Teaching outcomes